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Intergrators of Voice and Data Cabling


"Integrators of Voice and Data Cabling, Network Solutions Telephony PABX systems, Sydneys Electrical Cabled & Wired Solutions"


We are integrators of electrical, data and telecommunication solutions. We primarily focus on the design, implementation and ongoing maintenance of electrical, data, network and telecommunication (telephony) solutions for commercial office and retail fit-outs. Our service offerings range from:

  • Voice and Data Cabling - We are a leading certified integrator on telephony and data network cabling, offering manufacturer’s warranties up to 15 years on all our installations. We deploy a range of cabling infrastructures such as Cat6, Cat7, fibre and backbone cabling with direct access to all leading cabling manufacturers.

  • Network Solutions - As part of the cabling solution we supply and install server racks, data network switches, wireless access points, microwave links and coordinate with carriers on the delivery of carrier services.

  • Telephony (PABX) Systems – As a certified business partner we deploy PABX and key telephone systems as well as integrated computer telephony applications that are easily integrated into legacy or new network environments.

  • Electrical and Energy Efficient Installations – We deliver end to end power and lighting including automation, energy efficient lighting and power management systems. We also provide power protection systems such as uninterrupted power supply (UPS’s) and power protection systems (Surge) for sensitive and complex environments.

  • Maintenance – Manage ongoing support through preventative maintenance programs for system repairs, network re-designing and consultancy to regular fault monitoring, from lighting and electrical to voice and data network equipment.

    Besides being able to supply our clients with these services, we are a certified engineering company who designs, installs, services and maintains a range of products and services with a team of fully accredited electrical and Austel (ACMA) technical staff. We pride ourselves on deploying the best solutions and back our work with an ongoing relationship as a solutions integrator.

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